California has passed regulation that will make clean trucks mandatory

Turbo for Ballard Power, Nel Asa and Nikola: California wants only clean trucks

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is a government commission of the State of California. The advisory body, which has been in existence since 1967, is known for its ability to present particularly stringent legislative proposals on air pollution control. Now the commission has passed the world’s first regulation that obliges truck manufacturers to switch from diesel trucks and vans to zero-emission trucks, according to the finance portal Yahoo Finance. According to the plan, every new truck sold in California should be emission-free by 2045.

As a result, manufacturers that certify chassis for medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles or complete vehicles with combustion engines will now have to sell an increasing percentage of their annual sales in California as zero-emission trucks from 2024. For model year 2024, nine percent of all Class 4-8 trucks sold on the road must be zero-emission vehicles, with the percentage rising gradually to 50 percent by 2030 and 75 percent by 2035. This applies to tractors in a similar way.

This is a turbo-ignition for companies that rely on fuel cells for commercial vehicles, such as the Canadian company Ballard Power: “This bold zero-emission truck regulation recognizes that trucks, although they make up only 7 percent of all vehicles registered in California, are responsible for 70 percent of the state’s smog-causing pollution and 80 percent of the carcinogenic diesel soot,” Yahoo Finance quotes Ballard boss Randy MacEwen. The Canadians are likely to benefit from the move in California, as is truck manufacturer Nikola, which is relying on such commercial vehicles. Nikola is cooperating with the Norwegian hydrogen company Nel Asa.

The volume is likely to be high given the size of the Californian economy: If California had been a country in its own right, it would have ranked fifth among the world’s largest economic powers in 2018 with a gross domestic product of almost three trillion US dollars.

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